Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Resolution

2011 would be the most memorable year in my life.
  1. I've graduated from university.
  2. I successfully obtained permission from parents to send me to makeup school.
  3. I won Champion for makeup competition in Kuching area.
  4. I won 2nd runner-up for nationwide makeup competition.
  5. I performed on BCCK stage for 2000 plus audiences- Dance Me A Story Theatre.
  6. I went to Singapore all by myself in July (That's a great leap for me as I was so shy until i never order food myself)
  7. I slept in hospital for many nights (i was so scared to go hospital before this) just to accompany sister who had undergone spinal surgery (Yes! she is doing fine now!)
  8. I started my career at OSK Investment Bank (Yeah I'm an OL now)
  9. Yes, I've made so many unbelievable achievements this year but I lost the one I love. This sacrifice is too huge that I couldn't handle anymore, so
Baby, Please Come Back To Me.

Monday, May 9, 2011



Saturday, November 27, 2010

The dark side of make up industry or school

I found this interesting posting by a member from Cozycot Forum.
I was so upset and do not know if i should proceed to register
in a make-up school in Singapore.

I can write a book when I come to this topic! It's a very good thing to transform you hobby into a career. A lot of us decided to be a makeup artist so that we can share our passion to other people. Unfortunatley, this industry is not as simple as a passion. It needs a lot of hard work, and luck and it's very competitive. A lot of schools would not tell you the dark side of the industry. Also, a lot of schools make use of our ignorance - they ask us to buy a lot of so-called professional products from their company to make money. We, being the non-professional, would always spend extra money because of this.

I can tell you I have been one of them. I earned very little knowledge in makeup school while I spent a fortune on it. I also found that a lot of makeup artists haven't receive *formal* training before that get famous. One way of getting into the field is by assisting makeup artists. Some also gain experience from a counter SA. Going to a makeup school is NOT a pre-requisite to a makeup artist!

However, if you really decide to go to makeup school for various reasons, choose a good one! At least, do not go to the bad ones. There are a few points for reference to distinguish the bad ones from good ones.

1. The Syllabus

There are a lot areas in makeup, e.g, straight beauty, editorial, TV/Film, Character makeup, etc etc. Each fields require *DIFFERENT* skills. A short course cannot cover all the skills. You need to learn them thoroughly in 3-4 lessons. Unfortunately, some schools see the human weakness of greed. They include everything in a short course. You can literally learn NOTHING from such a course!

2. Materials and tools

Some schools require you to buy makeup and tools from them. They tell you those outrageouly priced stuff are professional and you cannot get them else where. A lot of schools don't even tell you what you need before the course starts. That makes you have to buy from them in the lesson when you are told to have those things. Please ask the school what you will need. I remembered last time the school refused to tell me and they said that the instructor will tell me what to buy in the lesson. It ended up asking me to buy from them. The classroom would turned into a cosmetics mall everytime the lesson started!

3. The instructor

Some schools hired their fresh graduates to teach (to provide job opportunity?!). They have NO to little experience in makeup artistry at all. Moreover, a renowned makeup artists may not know how to teach as well. Celebrities makeup artist may NOT have the very good skills either. I have read from a magazine that celebrities like artists who flatter them instead of very good skills. Therefore, celebrity makeup artists maybe an advertisement only. It has not much to do with good classes.

Things you must ask when you are deciding

1. Ask them about the syllabus thoroughly. Do not choose courses that included so many things. If you are only a beginner, start with beauty and corrective makeup first. Later then you can move to media makeup and lastly, avant garde makeup.

2. Ask them what you will need for the whole course. Insist that you need to know and you know how to decide. There is so many resources online that you can refer to. If they refuse to tell you, go away and do not turn you head.

3. Also ask them who will be teaching in the class. Try and ask them if you can observe the class and ask the students as well.

Investing in a makeup course maybe a good step to your career. You want to learn and make the money worth. But please equip yourselves with knowledge of this industry. A lot of businessmen made use of our ignorance and squeeze money from our pocket.
I will talk about what you should prepare before the course commence later. Laa_cat

Monday, October 4, 2010

萧敬腾 洛克先生 演唱会

I'm so happy now cz finally Jam Hsiao is coming to Malaysia!!!! Argh!!!!!

But I'm not sure if my exam ends by 18 December. I wanna go so much!

Who wanna go with me?

If I were to buy the ticket, I would choose RM 228.

Event: 萧敬腾 洛克先生 演唱会 Mr. Rock
Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium Putra
Date: 18-12-2010
Time: 8pm

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Contact lense infection

Desire Big Eyes (Gray) and orange wig. Looking great?


This is my first time getting eye infection due to contact lense problem. I thought I'm hygiene and careful enough. I couldn't believe I'm still having red eye.

I swear I never purchase contact lense online cuz I think they are not safe enough, normally manufacturer and certificates are unknown. And I bought this Desire contact lense from optical shop. At least you gotta sell something passed examination and verified certificates in your shop, right?

Ya, Desire contact lense. The salesgirl said this is new stock got promotion so I bought. Not much I can describe this brand but recently I just found that the ambassadors were local young models, Cindy Chen and Ben Sim. I was like "wtf they can't even afford to hire local celebrities Fish Leong or Gary Chow mer?"

This is my first pair of color lense. I am really really very careful in taking care of it cz I want to keep it for 3 months. I bought it so that I could wear it together with my wig which made me looked more Wonder Girl. That was my last time (28 August) wearing it before I wear it again today. And, ya, as you've seen, one of my eye got infected.

If it doesn't recover on the next morning, I gotta go to see doctor. Wish me good luck then.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brave to face fear

Found this quote and I love it so much.

"All that ever holds somebody back, I think, is fear. For a minute I had fear. [Then] I went into the [dressing] room and shot my fear in the face..."
Lady Gaga

I have to be as bold as Lady Gaga. Her past and her performance have given me inspiration to live the life I want. Now it's time to face my darkest fear.

I fear of losing marks in final exam.
I fear of tough questions in exam.
I fear of insufficient time to write the answers.
I fear of blank mind.
I fear of looking others writing smoothly.
I fear of failure.

p/s: Unbelievable! I'm writing such post. I thought I only saw this kinda content is Zesan's blog?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

From PMS to PMDD

Well, if you know what's Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder then it could perfectly explain my abnormal behavior today. I know i have this syndrome but seems like things are getting more serious than before. I lost control in the public today.

Then i try to figure out what makes me break down.

  • Today, I woke at 6.30 am (so early!) just to get my house chores done so i can stay in school to study for whole day.
  • I was lazy to drive so I called Jeff to pick me but he arrived at 835am instead of 8am.
  • So, for sure there's no more individual seat in library and I have to sit with people. (I'm such a weird person. I can't sit with others or else i can't stop talking.)
  • There was an individual seat with papers and pen only. The owner not even back after 1030. So I grabbed all his stuffs and put on another table. I occupied that seat.
  • I wasn't feeling well after doing bad so i went washroom. When i back, i saw two Indians pointing at my seat. Probably they are back. Yet I AM NOT BRAVE ENOUGH TO GO BACK TO MY SEAT. THAT'S WHEN TEARS START ROLLING DOWN. I spent ten minutes in the washroom and walking around at 2nd floor just to make myself calm but i failed.

I broke because I don't get my favourite seat? or Jeff did not help me when I chicken out? Or I saw something unpleasant (Zesan you know what I mean)? All these are not strong enough to make me burst. Probably I'm stressed of study and compressing my anger for days of having a problematic sister who is so emo.

I think i need a psychologist. I'm getting worse from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) to PMDD.