Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Resolution

2011 would be the most memorable year in my life.
  1. I've graduated from university.
  2. I successfully obtained permission from parents to send me to makeup school.
  3. I won Champion for makeup competition in Kuching area.
  4. I won 2nd runner-up for nationwide makeup competition.
  5. I performed on BCCK stage for 2000 plus audiences- Dance Me A Story Theatre.
  6. I went to Singapore all by myself in July (That's a great leap for me as I was so shy until i never order food myself)
  7. I slept in hospital for many nights (i was so scared to go hospital before this) just to accompany sister who had undergone spinal surgery (Yes! she is doing fine now!)
  8. I started my career at OSK Investment Bank (Yeah I'm an OL now)
  9. Yes, I've made so many unbelievable achievements this year but I lost the one I love. This sacrifice is too huge that I couldn't handle anymore, so
Baby, Please Come Back To Me.

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